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Eidos disappointed with TR: Underworld sales, stock drops


Following UK publisher Eidos Interactive's announcement that sales of Tomb Raider Underworld didn't hit its internal forecast, the publisher's shares dropped 25% this morning (there's been some slight recovery since). Eidos states that Lady Croft's latest adventure, since its debut in November, sold 1.5 million copies by the end of 2008, which makes us question how high Eidos set the bar for the adventurer to spring, swing and flip off of.

Eidos' expectations come even more into question with its statement that the "difficult North American economy" caused restrictive inventory and price discounts. The assertion has a heaping hint of truthiness to it, more so following GameStop's astronomical sales during the holidays. We love Lara, but it doesn't sound like Eidos knows the limits of its own franchise in a competitive market.

Source - Eidos: 1.5m Tomb Raider Sales Miss Expectations (Edge)
Source - Eidos shares plunge 25% on bad news

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