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Gameloft adds Uno to DSiWare


Gameloft has revealed the first part of their DSiWare strategy -- along with a new move in their mobile, PSP, PS3, and WiiWare strategies. Through a partnership with Mattel, they'll release a version of the card game Uno on all those platforms we just said. Is this the first official announcement of any specific DSiWare game for release outside Japan? We think so!

Gameloft's president, Michel Guillemot said that "This agreement is the first step towards a long and successful relationship between Mattel, one of the world's premier toy companies and Gameloft, the global leader in video game development," which means we can expect more Mattel properties to be released on pretty much every platform. Uno is a big deal on the Xbox 360, becoming so successful that other companies release theme packs for the XBLA game. Will DSi players care as well?

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