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Home brings in $1m in virtual goods, user-generated content the 'goal'

Not content with spending your real Earth bucks on a virtual tankini for your Quincy? Considering Sony has reportedly sold "one million dollars worth of virtual goods" through the still-in-beta PlayStation Home service, that would seemingly put you in the (more frugal, smarter) minority, but perhaps you could take out some virtual needle and thread and make your own, according to Develop Magazine.

Revealed in a two-part interview with Home's lead programmer, Mitch Goodwin, news of user-generated content – while far from a revelation – sends the fledgling service even further into Second Life territory. But what about keeping Home a safe place for the family to wait in a line to virtually bowl? Goodwin concedes, "Obviously we're not naive, and we know that with an online service you have to have strict moderation – we don't want the user to be exposed to rubbish." Of course, by "rubbish" he means "flying penises." Also, speaking of being "not naive" – we wouldn't expect user-generated content to be free ... to purchase, or to make.

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