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Klonoa getting US release, shorter title


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It's been over a decade since Klonoa: Door to Phantomile came out on the original PlayStation, received heaps of critical praise, and completely tanked at retail. The Wii remake will have its own chance at being unsuccessful this year when it's released by Namco Bandai under a new, shorter moniker: Klonoa.

We're hoping Wii owners in the US won't ignore this charming platformer. The Wii Remote seems perfectly suited for the game. A large part of the game involves grabbing and throwing enemies, and that should be easily handled with a simple shake of the Remote. Those that want more traditional controls will be able to use a GameCube or Classic controller.

The charming character designs and colorful environments certainly make the game one of the more eye-popping on Wii. Check out the latest screens in our brand-new gallery.

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