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The EA Sports Home space is actually pretty awesome

Jem Alexander

We're fairly certain that there's a good number of you who responded to the news of an EA Sports Home space with nothing more than a "meh." Some of us did too, to be honest. Some of us are not particularly big fans of sports games, so we assumed this Home space is for other people. Until, that is, we saw the new walkthrough video that has appeared on the PlayStation Blog, which shows off the entire space, including the three mini-games.

Home users will be able to race go-karts against each other, with four people racing at once. There's also a golfing minigame and poker tables. While these are nothing too exciting on their own, EA are introducing a "light progression system" with their area. That means that you'll be able to spend your winnings on upgrading your go-karts, and progressing to higher level poker tables. There will also be wearable prizes and stuff for your Home apartment, as usual.

So even if you're not a sports fan, you should find something to do within the EA Sports Home space when it launches around March.

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