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VIA shows off Nano-powered Dr. Mobile Freestyle Mini

Nilay Patel

If you've been listening to the Engadget Podcast, you know that Taiwan's Dr. Mobile is our new favorite fly-by-night Asian netbook vendor, and VIA's showing off its Nano-powered Freestyle Mini here at CES in a darkened restaurant. (Seriously!) Internally, it's basically a smaller version of the 11.6-inch Freestyle we played with a few days ago, but it's in a more traditional netbook package with an 8.9-inch screen. We were pretty blunt in asking the VIA rep why the Nano's basically been a no-show during 2008's Atom explosion, and while we didn't get a straight answer, it sounds like 2009 might be the year the battle for netbook platform dominance is finally joined -- the Freestyle and the Freestyle Mini should be available in the next few months. Dr. Mobile, paging Dr. Mobile.

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