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WiiWare to look forward to in the next two weeks


Wow, two WiiWare card game stories in one day! This one is likely to have more immediate payoff, however. In addition to Planet Pachinko, North American gamers can (probably) expect Jungle Speed to be available, for 1,000 points. Jungle Speed is a card game in which players sequentially flip over cards until they reveal two identical cards, at which point they must race to reach for a totem in the middle of the table. The high-speed gameplay sounds like a potentially interesting Wii party game.

While the press release doesn't mention the developer, an OFLC listing identified them as Next Level Games, the Canadian company behind Super Mario Strikers and the new Punch-Out!! This is likely to be true, as the game is apparently "produced with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada". Government-subsidized WiiWare!

The next Monday, January 19, High Voltage Hot Rod Show, the racing game from the developers of The Conduit, will go up on WiiWare, also for 1,000 Wii Points.


Source: Jungle Speed
Source: High Voltage Hot Rod Show

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