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CES 09: Is Kodu really that simple? Answer: Yes!

Dustin Burg

Our homies over at Joystiq got a chance to sit in on a demo of Microsoft's recently announced and supposedly user friendly Community Game Kodu and were able to answer the still lingering question that's on everyone's mind: Is Kodu really that easy to use? Quick answer, yes ... yes it is.

According to Microsoft's Matthew MacLaurin, Kodu was created with kids in mind and describes the game as "programming as a fourth-grade art class." And Joystiq's Justin McElroy agrees that it really is basic and well, simple. Check out the informative (and totally factual) Kodu bullet points listed below:
  • Will ship with 20 different objects/characters.
  • 20 pre-built (and editable) levels will be included.
  • Commands given to objects are called "Pages".
  • Kodu has been tested with kids for over a year.
  • Releasing this Spring for a yet to be disclosed price.

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