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Future Publishing experiences increase in gaming mag sales

If you're an aspiring print gaming journalist, you could probably use a hug right about now. The recent, foreseen collapse of EGM served as undeniable evidence that that particular periodical niche isn't exactly thriving -- but everything isn't doom and gloom in the gaming mag universe. Future Publishing, owner of PlayStation: The Official Magazine and the Official Xbox Magazine, recently divulged a few surprising facts in their preliminary annual finance report -- despite near-universal hardships for the rest of the magazine industry, Future's profits and circulation numbers soared in 2008.

In an interview with MCV, Future CEO Stevie Spring chalks the success up to the strength of the industry that many of Future's magazines cover -- console video games. According to Spring, readers of the console-specific mags were "aided and abetted by all three consoles being in uplift mode the world over." Sadly, the same can't be said for The Official Ceramic Cat Magazine, one of Future's lesser-known specialty publications.

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