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Haier rings up two new LCD TVs at CES

Steven Kim

Being the official HDTV of the NBA, would you expect Haier to do any less than ring up a pair of new TVs at CES? Both the 47-inch HL47XT1 and the 42-inch HL42XT1 have good specs (especially given the company's durable goods background), each touting 1080p resolution, four HDMI inputs, LED backlighting and 120Hz refresh rates. These sets also pack hidden Sound Chamber speakers (tweeter and midrange drivers mated up to a port for enhanced bass response) and SRS TruSurround XT circuitry to float a soundfield into the room. Sounds good, and the specs are entirely competitive, but some pricing and availability info more specific than "2009" would sure help gauge where these TVs will fit in the market -- hopefully these two aren't bricks like some of the company's other efforts.

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