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MiniWIZ debuts solar-powered Solarbulb lamp / bottle cover


We haven't heard a whole lot from MiniWIZ since it introduced its Hymini wind / solar charger quite a while back, but the company looks to have rolled into CES with at least one new offering: the seemingly 2001-inspired Solarbulb lamp. To complete the device, however, you'll have to supply your own bottle, which attaches to the bottom and can be filled with water to provide a sturdy base and some sure to be soothing lighting. The lamp itself is supposedly fully weatherproof and apparently charges in just 3-4 hours of daylight, with it able to store enough energy to provide about six hours of continuous night lighting. Unfortunately, there's no word on a price or release date just yet, though the replacement bulbs will apparently set you back between $23 and $25 apiece.

[Via Inhabitat]

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