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Phantasy Star ?? zeroes in on US, Europe this fall

Jason Dobson

Like meseta from heaven, Sega has rained down another entry in its long running Phantasy Star series, announcing plans to release Phantasy Star Ø, or 'Zero' for the numlock impaired, on the Nintendo DS in both North America and Europe this fall.

Released in Japan over Christmas, Phantasy Star Ø is set in an alternate Earth history 200 years following a devastating war, and will feature 14 different customizable character types and in excess of 350 different weapons. In addition, while players will be able to adventure out by their lonesome, the action-RPG will also support both wireless and Wi-Fi multiplayer. A Pictochat-style chat system is also promised, letting us phantasize about exploring Earth's ravaged countryside as we level up our phallus-scribbling skills.

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