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Slick hair, cool poses in newest DC Universe Online screens

Kyle Horner

New outfits, ice guns, fiery hands and crazy Jim Lee-influenced jumping poses -- all these and more are in the newest batch of DC Universe Online screenshots over at Strategy Informer right now. We're really impressed with this blue armor-clad girl with her wind-swept hair and impressive poses. In fact, these are some of the first player-character screens we've seen and they certainly do impress.

We're interested to see more of the character designs and hopefully the character creation process as well. If there's one thing we've learned over the years playing City of Heroes, it's that you can never have enough character creation and customization options in a superhero MMO.
Did you enjoy this? We've donned our capes and tights to explore SOE's DC Universe Online in-depth. Come explore more of Metropolis and Gotham with your friends at Massively!

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