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Ask Engadget: What's the best netbook out there (redux)?

Darren Murph

It's been just under half a year since we originally asked about the best netbook out there, and a lot has changed in the meanwhile. Thanks to some incessant begging from reader Chad (we kid, we kid), we're putting this out once more for an updated look at your best option for a minuscule lappie.

"Hey guys. How about we pose the topic of best netbook once more since so many new models have arrived since the original? Much appreciated!"

So, what netbooks have impressed you over the back end of '08? Are you still insistent that the first-generation Eee is the one to buy? Are closeout models a better option? Spill it all in comments below, then send us a question of your own at ask at engadget dawt com.

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