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Breakfast Topic: Identity Crisis


Once upon a time, at the beginning of 2005, just a few months after WoW was released, The Spousal Unit made the switch and traded in his Dwarf Paladin for a Tauren Shaman and never looked back. He brought a couple other classes up to 70 and made lame attempts at duos with me, but Onnix the Shammy was the only character he really wanted to play.

Then Wrath of the Lich King came out. He immediately took Onnix to Northrend and started questing. But he took a brief break to make a Death Knight, so that it could sit and get rest while he leveled his main. He decided to make an Orc because they look good in plate and we picked his name from a Celtic god of death (who ended up being a goddess). He didn't spend much time on the look and didn't care too much about the name because this was just a throwaway character.

Then he decided to burn through the initial quests. He had done some of them in the Beta and thought they were fun. Then he decided to see how fast he could get through Outland. And then, just like the comic above, he took him to Northrend. Next thing we knew, he had taken his DK to 80 before many of his guild's mains.

So, after being identified as Onnix in guild and vent for years, he was now Caillech. New guildies didn't know who to heal or assist in vent. And now his main is an Orc, when he really relates more to Tauren. He changed his name to Onniix, which at least eliminates the confusion during raids, but you can't change your race. Orc instead of Tauren, lame misspelling of name and a tank instead of healer -- he is going through a bit of an identity crisis.

With all of the Death Knights running around, I know there must be more of you going through similar identity issues. Is your main completely abandoned or have you been sharing time with your new favorite class? Or are you one of the few who refuse to even try the hero class?

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