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CES 2009: Hands (and butt)-on with the SimCraft APEX

Justin McElroy

We love showing you the pieces of technology that will forever change the way you game. Sadly, they don't show those things at CES, so we're relegated to showing you really cool crap that you'll never own. The SimCraft APEX is just such a device, a simulator designed to give you the sensation of hurtling around a track in a race car or (with some slight modifications) flying a plane.

We put the APEX SC830 through its paces at CES and have to admit the effect is pretty impressive, or at least it is on the racing side, the only one available to try at the show. Utilizing roll, pitch and yaw and three wrap-around monitors, it was probably the most fun one could have playing a racing game.

But fun's not necessarily the primarily goal here. SimCraft boss T. Christopher Ciesielka told us that they're promoting it as a training tool for law enforcement, military and race car drivers, though they had discovered at the show that there was a high-end audience that wouldn't mind having it as part of their home entertainment setup.

What's that? You want one? Oh, well just pony up $45,000 and you'll be off to the races. It may seem a little high, but you should know: That also includes the computer. Tempting, no?

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