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DC Universe Online's 'classes' and combat explored

Kyle Horner

While DC Universe Online was being shown at CES 2009, there hasn't been too much new information coming out of the show. Whether that's a product of a videogame being at a tech and gadget show, or simply because SOE doesn't have anything new to show yet, is hard to say. Still, Opposable Thumbs got a chance to spend time with the game at the show and came out with some new information.

There are no classes in DC Universe Online, instead players spend talents on individual powers. Anyone can switch between three combat stances: offensive, defensive and support. Offense stance gives more damage but takes more, while defense gives less and takes less and support boosts healing and buffing powers. And each stance offers access to certain powers, as well. It is important to remember, however, that a tank-spec character will always do better with a defense spec than, say a hybrid-spec. The goal of this system seems aimed at designing a flexible partying system, where certain people can fill a role in a pinch.
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