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Gaming to Go: Exit DS


Sometimes the stylus is a beautiful thing. Such a tiny white stick has infinite potential for interaction, introducing new control schemes and input methods to a industry clinging dearly to its buttons. Nintendo clearly has no qualms taking a risk with its input devices, if that semi-popular magical remote thing is any indication, though its more diminutive sibling demands its own share of the limelight. When it works, it works, and the stylus becomes an indispensable part of the gameplay.

Sometimes it doesn't work as well as it could. For exhibit A we have Exit DS, a poster child for the "Buttons are Best!" camp. Call me picky, but the option to select a more traditional button control scheme is Exit's saving grace, since I don't think I would have made it very far in were I forced to wield the mighty stylus through all one hundred and fifty levels. It helps too that there's a pretty interesting game behind it all, one that's easily worth checking out if you don't mind putting up with a few control quirks. That game happens to be very well-suited for Gaming to Go, as you might have guessed. Want to hear more? Hit the A button to advance to the next screen!


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