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Two delicious DC Universe Online 'preview doughnuts'

Kyle Horner

We've found two freshly baked DC Universe Online informo-doughnuts for your consumption. Now, while the Crispy Gamer doughnut is a bit smaller, it's also lightly crisped with a pinch of humor and will leave you surprisingly satisfied by the end of your meal. Way to live up to the name, crispy! On the other hand, IGN's doughnut is much bigger overall and even has a few new pieces of information regarding character creation and progression baked right into its creamy center. However, you'll have to chew your way through the slightly stale exterior in order to get to that warm, gooey information.

Which doughnut should an adventurous reader pick? If you're like us, just eat both! Don't worry about the dizziness and urge to punch your stomach repeatedly aftewards -- that's completely natural.
Did you enjoy this? We've donned our capes and tights to explore SOE's DC Universe Online in-depth. Come explore more of Metropolis and Gotham with your friends at Massively!

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