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Best Buy's $10 sale: Ninja Gaiden II, Turok & more

Dustin Burg

Holy Hannah! We aren't exactly sure how we missed the money savings event going on at Best Buy stores (we blame the unnatural alignment of the moon and sun), but we have to share even if we're a bit late on reporting. Online at or in-store you can take advantage of their $10 Xbox 360 game sale. For just one Hamilton ($9.99 to be exact), you can own a new and guaranteed to be shrink wrapped copy of Ninja Gaiden II, Facebreaker, Condemned 2, MLB 2K8 or Turok. How can you say no to those deals?

If you're okay with dropping $20 on a new game, Best Buy has a few 360 titles in that price range including (but not limited to) Bad Company, UT3 and Quake Wars. Happy shopping!

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