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Midnight Club: LA DLC released early by accident

Jason Dobson

Early risers were treated to an accident on Rockstar's virtual 405. According to multiple sources, someone left Midnight Club: LA's upcoming South Central DLC in neutral earlier today and it inadvertently rolled out to the Xbox Live Marketplace a bit ahead of schedule. The content has since been removed, though UGO Gamesblog reports via NeoGAF that those who downloaded the content found nothing changed, save for a partial listing of cars queued up for the DLC's eventual release. Among those sweet rides are the '09 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, '08 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X and '64 Chevy Impala.

Microsoft Europe's Xbox community manager Graeme Boyd acknowledged the snafu, writing in a statement that those who managed to snag the content should delete it as it was still being tested and "may not work properly," possibly causing problems with game saves. For now it seems eager racers will just have to wait for the content's official release sometime in early 2009 ... just sometime later than right now.

Source – Rockstar Fakeout: Midnight Club DLC Arrives, Is Pulled
SourceMidnight Club LA DLC warning

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