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PlayStation 2 reaches 50 million sold mark in North America


Buck up, Sony. Sure, the PS3 might be taking on water in stormy seas and you're facing a fairly dramatic corporate shake-up, but at least you can take solace in the fact that you done real good with the PS2. Heck, you said so yourself today, announcing that 50 million of them have been sold in North America.

The future of last generation's best-performing console also looks bright, with new releases in the pipeline for 2009 -- and possibly beyond. Even SCEA's hardware marketing head, John Koller, said, "We don't intend on discarding the system anytime soon." (And with a return of backwards-compatibility on PS3 via software emulation still but a rumor, we don't imagine many PS2 owners will be discarding the system anytime soon, either.)

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