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Rumor: Bioshock headed to the Mac


Is there anyone out there who doesn't have a PC, or a console, or a Windows partition on their Mac, or was just somehow able to avoid the critical, cultural, and widespread success of 2007's amazing Bioshock? If so, you're in luck -- while console gamers are breathlessly waiting for Bioshock 2 updates, Mac gamers are still waiting for the first one, and the wait might finally be over. Macworld is reporting that a little birdie (read: back of a t-shirt) at last week's show told them that Bioshock was finally headed to the Mac, courtesy of Feral Interactive.

Too little, too late? Don't get us wrong: Bioshock, the spiritual successor to System Shock and its sequel, is a terrific game, combining FPS gameplay with RPG elements and one of the best videogame stories of 2007. If you haven't played it and you're willing to pick it up for the Mac, you're in for a treat. But these kind of releases just perpetuate the issues with Mac gaming: games come out years late, no one buys them (because everyone who cares has already played them elsewhere), and then developers complain that games don't sell on the Mac. A Bioshock announcement is all well and good, but next time, devs, would you kindly aim for release a little closer to everyone else?

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