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Sling getting serious about the iPhone

Mel Martin

Sling Media now has a web page up on their site with a nice demo of Slingplayer Mobile for the iPhone, due to hit the app store sometime later this year.

It's been a long time coming, as people were breathlessly looking for this functionality when the iPhone first came out. 3G capability made us even surer that it would arrive, but a lot of time went by and SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone was nowhere to be seen.

Now that it's been demonstrated at Macworld, it seems a lot more real, and Sling Media says they are submitting it to the app store in this quarter. They are also providing a form so you can send in your email address and be notified when the happy day arrives.

Hopefully Apple and AT&T will bless the app and iPhone users can move on and get their hopes up for that next big thing.

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