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The Queue: A curse upon you, interlopers

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Another Tuesday, another maintenance. As much as I'd like to write something amusing here to entertain you on your slow, boring day, I've got nothin'. Bone dry. I'm like the freaking Shimmering Flats here. Well, you know, like the north parts. Not the south parts with that little lake. Just the dry stuff, people. ...Oh, screw it.


Now I've hit level 80 and am looking at all the loot available to me as a feral druid, I've spotted a few of the PvP pieces that you can purchase with just honor. So my question is - where's the best place to grind honor nowadays? AV? Wintergrasp? Elsewhere?

When I buckle down and really grind out some honor, I run Strand of the Ancients unless Wintergrasp is about to come up, then I take a break and do that instead. On the weekends, I pulled in a good 30,000 honor a day. That's not typical, and it took some pretty long play sessions, but it's definitely possible if you have a lazy Sunday.

I had a few people tell me Alterac Valley was better honor, but I guess your mileage may vary on that one. It really wasn't better at all, in my experience. I hit it a few times, and ended up kind of empty on honor. It seems your gains are heavily dependent on a game going into turtle mode with one side playing heavy defense so you can farm HKs. That's not really fun, and doesn't happen all of the time. When a Strand plays out like it's supposed to play out, you get pretty good, steady gains rather than the occasional Atlerac Valley giving abnormally high gains.

How about you readers, do you guys normally get more honor from Alterac Valley or Strand of the Ancients? Has my experience with the BGs just been wonky and not the norm at all?

Dustin R

I recently started playing WC3, and finally figured out who Lil' Timmy (or was it Tommy?) was. Since you save him in an optional quest, I figure that he doesn't come back into play, but did Blizzard ever re-use him?

Since you're referring exclusively to Warcraft III here, I assume that you haven't seen his WoW incarnation beyond the BOE, Lil Timmy's Peashooter. He's actually a boss in Stratholme now, on the Scarlet side. He's stuck as a poor little ghoul, and he's a nod to the South Park character as the same time. He yells "Timmy!" when he spawns.

If you have seen that and you're asking about Wrath, no, he's not in Wrath. He's a dead man. ...boy. Ghoul. Thing.

Rhondis asked...

Speaking of this red snake, what's with the huge worm-like thing in the Apothecarium of Undercity? It seems to be dripping some... green stuff. Are there any quests that mention that "thing"?

Alex Ziebart: Stealing Rictus's jokes since January 2009! No, sorry, there's no quests involving that thing. It's just decoration. Disgusting decoration.

Joby asked...

What's the deal with the extra 999 reputation once you hit exalted with a particular faction? Why are they there, and are they as meaningless as they seem, or should I bite the bullet and grind out that last 999 points?

It's wholly unimportant. I think it's there to annoy the hell out of anal retentive players that absolutely need to see their bar filled in. Sure, you're Exalted, but you have 998 more reputation points to fill in! Get back to questing, losers!

Twothirteen asked...

What is Mr. Bigglesworths reason for being in Naxx? Did Blizz just put him there for fun? Does it matter whether someone kills him or not, or whether someone makes him a temporary pet using those criter bites?

He's mostly a gag, originally a nod to Austin Powers, but the 'story' behind Mr. Bigglesworth is that he's Kel'thuzad's cat from when he was alive. Commander Eligor Dawnbringer tells us about it in Wintergarde Keep. I strongly recommend Alliance players go listen to Eligor educate the 7th Legion on what lies within Naxxramas. Each of the bosses have a little bit of a story behind them, and he even gives some hints as to how a few of the bosses work. If you're a Horde player, the full conversation can be seen on Wowwiki, it just loses a little of the flavor when you don't have the projections to look at.
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