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Video: Chris the Carpenter shows off Walter the Robot's servo-powered head

Tim Stevens

We love us a good robot, the more clearly home-built the better, and it's hard to get more DIY than a bot-to-be called Walter from Chris the Carpenter at Let's Make Robots. Right now Walter exists in halves: a torso comprised of a custom chassis powered by some DeWalt drill motors, and a head with a small LCD display turned on three axis by a collection of servos. As of now everything is controlled by a remote, but the ultimate plan is for Walter to be able to locate a person, face them, and display a list of functions. We're not sure what Walter's purpose in life is to be in the future, but based on the second video below we're reasonably sure it won't be serving as a shuttle for reluctant wives.

[Via Hacked Gadgets]

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