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Wii minigames going medieval

Jason Dobson

There ain't no party like a Medieval party 'cuz a Medieval party don't stop. Of course, that likely has more to do with rampant dysentery than any measure of fun, something we hope won't come packaged with Medieval Games, a new collection of minigames casually heading to the Wii.

The game is being hammered out by the ye olde blacksmiths at N-Fusion Interactive, with Bethesda sister company Vir2L Studios set to publish. Medieval Games promises to bring waggle to the Middle Ages with bite-sized dragon slaying, castle sieges and archery contests as players suit up as one of several "colorful" playable archetypes such as the knight, princess, bard or wizard. No release date or even screens from the game have been revealed, meaning we'll just have to learn to make do with the hojillion other minigame collections collecting dust on Wii shelves for now.

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