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1UP's Shane Bettenhausen heads to Ignition Entertainment [updated]

First, a confession: our original headline for this post was "Shane turns down Sony PR job, goes with smaller publisher" – that is, until we heard the kids at Rebel FM jokingly suggest that blogs would use exactly that as a headline. Oh yeah, smart guys? Well, we didn't!

Moving on. So, 1UP's Shane Bettenhausen did turn down a Sony PR job ... several years ago. [Update: Shane writes that he "misspoke" and "never interviewed for the position" – so you can stop writing those scathing forum posts, platform conspiracy theorists.] Right now, the recently laid-off Bettenhausen has taken a gig as Director of Business Development (we call that BizDev, folks) at "smaller publisher" Ignition Entertainment. Says Bettenhausen: "they're not on the map as much as other big publishers." Then why take the position, when fellow 1UP alums have moved onto places like Bungie and 2K Boston? At Ignition, Bettenhausen would get to "choose which games to publish" – in other words, he'd rather be a big fish in a smaller pond. Not a bad plan. Up next from Ignition: Blue Dragon Plus for the DS.

To get the full story straight from Shane himself, tune into the latest Rebel FM podcast at around the one hour 21 minute mark. (Bonus: Listen for Shane's comment that the "rise of blogs – Kotaku and Joystiq – completely reshaped the landscape." Great! Now we can add "landscaper" to the old CV).

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