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CrimeCraft impressions and screenshots

Shawn Schuster

Despite its unfortunate name, Vogster's CrimeCraft seems to be a promising contender in the crop of games launching in 2009, according to a recent review at Gamespy. First announced earlier last year, CrimeCraft boasts what they call a "persistent-world next-gen shooter", or PWNS for short. Can an MMO shooter work? Ask Planetside, Tabula Rasa and Huxley (if he ever shows up).

Unnecessary snark aside, the screenshots in this review article look gorgeous. The gameplay seems promising, with PvE, deathmatch PvP and a crafting system that is aimed at using some real sponsorship promotion (think CoH ads, but on clothes). Yet the one part that raised our collective eyebrows was the mention of a persistent world, yet it is said to include only persistent towns, much like Guild Wars and Diablo II. Granted the game isn't finished and is still in a closed beta at this point, but Vogster's senior marketing manager Casey Dickinson mentioned that they're thinking of ways to "liven up" the game's persistent lobbies.

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