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Fable 2 Heros can now wield Hal's Rifle

Dustin Burg

Word on the web is that Fable 2's recently released Knothole Island DLC comes packed with a certain Halo'riffic surprise that'll not only tickle your inner Master Chief fanboy, but will also aid in eliminating any and all Hobbes.

Available for trade at "The Box of Secrets" store is a new weapon that's, coincidentally enough, named Hal's Rifle. This new rifle weaponry looks a lot like the classic Halo Assault Rifle and its name, well ... it's kinda obvious what Lionhead is going for. Sporting a decent 59 damage per shot, a range of 50, 24 shots per clip and an augment slot, Hal's Rifle is a smart purchase. Especially for those who are sporting Fable 2's other Halo'tastic apparel.

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