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Fresh Avatar apparel, more polos and pants

Dustin Burg

Today being an official Avatar Wardrobe Expanding Wednesday (patent pending), Microsoft has unleashed a bunch of new Avatar clothing selections. All of which can be accessed via the 360 dashboard's Avatar customizer.

The new apparel includes various jacket and polo combinations for male Avatars along with new bottoms and suspenders for dressing up. Female Avatars now have access to a Lavender polo, new shoes, and some trendy chinos. Check the break for a listing of all the new fashionable duds you can use to play Avatar dress-up.

Male Clothing

  • Tops
    Striped Polo Shirt
    Open Neck Cardigan
    Check Jacket with Polo
    Striped Jacket with Polo
  • Bottoms
    Embroidered Pants
  • Dress Up
    Suspenders with High Pants
Female Clothing
  • Tops
    Lavender Polo Shirt
    Hacking Jacket
  • Bottoms
    Chinos with Belt
  • Shoes
    Scarlet Pumps
    Rainy Day Boots

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