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Killzone 2 a 'masterpiece' without collector's edition


Guerrilla Games has singled down your February 27th choices to just two: to buy or not to buy. The Killzone 2 developer is prepping a single, standard edition of the game, confirms PlayStation Blog's Jeff Rubenstein. "There is no collector's edition slated for Killzone 2," writes Rubenstein. "Guerrilla Games has put all of their effort into creating this masterpiece of a game, so we didn't actively pursue a CE."

Too bad, we were really hoping for another junior-sized helmet to replace the one that got stuck on kitty's head -- may he rest in peace ...

Curious about Killzone 2? Check out our ridiculously informative FAQ, featuring everything from button layout to release date to Trophies to multiplayer analysis, and more! And if that don't do it for ya? Then proceed directly to our hands-on preview of the single-player campaign.

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