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Macworld 2009: Neat Receipts / Neat Works video interview


A long, long time ago (May of 2008), The Neat Company introduced their Neat Receipts for Mac scanner / software combo. We wrote about it here on TUAW, and even gave away a few of the scanners.

Fast forward to Macworld Expo 2009, and Neat Receipts is no longer an "Advance Release". Neat has unbundled the software from the scanner, and calls the resulting scanning software and digital filing system NeatWorks for Mac. It's available for US$59.95, while the version with the Neat Mobile Scanner is still available for US$229.95.

The application still provides the core ability to scan in receipts and capture information from them for searching and totalizing in a spreadsheet or Quicken. NeatWorks now also scans business cards, and is synchronized with Address Book -- scan in a card, make any necessary edits, then drag the item from the NeatWorks inbox to the Address Book. Finally, NeatWorks creates searchable PDFs for storage to help you build a paperless office.

I spoke wth Mark Gollin of Neat during the final day of Macworld Expo. To see a demo of NeatWorks in action and hear about possible future directions for the app, view the video by clicking the Read More link below.

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