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Macworld 2009: Previews of upcoming Freeverse titles


If there's one game company that I really like, it's Freeverse. These guys have come up with some great iPhone games like Flick Sports Bowling, Flick Sports Fishing, and Wingnuts Motochaser, and they have even more titles in the works.

On Friday, January 9th, I had the opportunity to talk with Brian Akaka of Freeverse about the upcoming apps from the company, including Flick Sports Baseball, Slotz Racer, Days of Thunder, and Roads of Ruin. In particular, the Flick Baseball title looks like it will be a winner, with very detailed rendering of players as well as accelerometer-based gestures for batting and throwing.

Brian noted that if Macworld Expo does happen in 2010, Freeverse won't have a booth -- like Apple, they feel that the cost of exhibiting at the Expo could be better spent in product development and other marketing.

Enjoy the ride as Brian takes us through both the existing and upcoming games from Freeverse. You can find the video in the second half of this post.

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