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Most markets will be tru2way ready by July 1st

Ben Drawbaugh

Although you wouldn't know it from the big press events at CES, tru2way is still on track for mass deployment and July 1st is the big day. The six biggest MSOs, signed on to that date some time ago -- it should be noted that Verizon still hates the idea -- and both Time Warner Cable and Comcast are proud to re-iterate that it's actually going to happen. Ten of TWC's 22 divisions have already deployed tru2way boxes -- no 3rd party device support yet -- which is about half of its customers. Comcast has already started supporting 3rd party tru2way boxes in Chicago and Denver back in October and also expects to have every market ready by July. The MSOs also agreed -- in the same Memorandum of Understanding -- that by July, 20% of its own new boxes would be using tru2way as well. So while it appears the MSOs will be ready for tru2way in 2009, based on the announcements at CES, we'll all have to wait until 2010 before we really see the TV manufacturers fulfill their end of the deal.

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