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Rumor: EA sets Pandemic Studios Australia free


Electronic Arts has bid adieu to Pandemic Studios' Brisbane office, according to a "reliable source" speaking to Kotaku. The site reports that the studio has been "set free" and tasked with finding a new publisher, as opposed to being shut down completely.

EA acquired the Australian branch of Pandemic during its acquisition of BioWare last year. The studio is best known for the Destroy All Humans! series, but was rumored to have been working on other unannounced projects. We'll update if any new information arises.

Update: EA's Mariam Sughayer issued the following response: "In December, EA announced a cost reduction initiative that will impact facilities and headcount. We do not expect to make any more public announcements until our earnings call in early February. Outside of our scheduled earnings call, we aren't providing any new information on the status of individual facilities."

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