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Sony: PS2 remains 'important,' touts 2009 and 2010 lineup


2009 marks year #9 for Sony's aging PlayStation 2. Although hardcore gaming enthusiasts have largely moved on to current generation consoles, the system is still "important" to Sony's business model. With 50 million units sold in North America, it's clear why Sony will continue supporting the platform. John Koller, director of hardware marketing at SCEA, told Gamasutra that "the only way to kill the PS2 business is to stop supporting it." Koller claims that 25% of software sales in 2008 were on Sony's last-gen system.

Publishers are unlikely to ignore the sizable PS2 audience, and Koller agrees. "With the lineup for 2009 and 2010, the PS2 is not going away anytime soon." A quick glance at the PS2 release list shows dozens of games planned for the year, although most are licensed movie and sports games. 2009 releases include titles like SingStar, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Ghostbusters, Madden and The Beatles.

Sony will undoubtedly want the success of PS2 to continue as long as possible. With PS3 systems still losing money on each unit sold, the "positive margins" of the PlayStation 2 will help the manufacturer's bottom line. With PS2 sales still going strong, Koller insists a price drop is not coming any time soon. "It's a significant financial contributor for us and it sells very well at $129.99. We're comfortable with the current price."

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