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Uncharted 2 enemies have improved since you last met

Jem Alexander

Looks like Nathan's enemies will be enjoying an expanded skillset in Uncharted 2. CVG has been nattering with Bruce Straley, one of the game's directors, who has revealed that the baddies in Uncharted 2 will feature improved intelligence. Specifically, they will now "hunt" and "investigate" based on movement in their peripheral vision. "When Drake enters this peripheral vision the enemies will look over in the direction they think they saw him in and depending on how long he was in this vision cone, they may just look or they may walk over and check out what they think they saw."

"If they lose eye contact with Drake for a few seconds, one or more enemies will start hunting around the area, starting with his last known location, and then spread their search out if he's not found." This hunting behaviour means that the enemies will need to be able to follow Drake wherever he goes, which means jumping and climbing around the environment. "The benefit to this was our combat wasn't limited to flat terrain anymore."

Sounds great to us. One of our biggest gripes with Uncharted 1 was that at any given point you were either fighting or platforming. Hopefully we'll see more of a crossover in the sequel. Apparently more details will be forthcoming once CVG posts the full interview with Straley tomorrow.

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