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AT&T's mil-spec Motorola Tundra now on sale

Chris Ziegler

Alright, Rugby owners, avert your eyes, lest you be overcome with jealousy, rage, and an overwhelming sense of regret about your purchase. We kid, we kid -- there's nothing wrong with your phone. In fact, everything's so right with it that AT&T decided to add another model to its rugged push-to-talk-compatible lineup, the Tundra from Motorola. We've been hearing about this one for a while -- and it's been available on Rogers for quite some time -- so there really aren't any big secrets here: 3G, 2 megapixel camera, stub antenna (presumably for Motorola-typical awesome reception), AGPS, QVGA display, and microSD expansion. We wouldn't drop it into a beer on purpose, but we suppose it's comforting to know it'll probably survive if you do.

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