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Cablevision's probable VOOM HD replacement channels: they're all premiums

Darren Murph

Okay, so Cablevision isn't apt to come right out and say that these newcomers are the replacements for the 15 VOOM HD networks that were marked for deletion late last year, but it may as well have. Coincidentally, 15 new high-def channels are reportedly lined up to join the Cablevision EPG in short order, though every single one is a premium movie channel. Encore HD, Starz Kids & Family HD, Starz Edge HD, HBO Signature HD, HBO Family HD, HBO Comedy HD, HBO Zone HD, HBO2 HD, HBO Latino HD, Action Max HD, More Max HD, @MAX HD, Outer MAX HD and Showtime Too HD are all expected to show up starting on January 21st, with rollouts continuing across all markets until January 23rd. We know, your first reaction is probably something along the lines of "What? All movie channels?," but at least you're getting something out of the deal -- if you opt to pay up, of course.

[Thanks, LI PC Tech]

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