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Free character moves for Europe

Eliah Hecht

A new round of free character migrations just opened up for some European realms. Unlike most, these migrations include some faction-specific ones to try and correct faction imbalance.


  • Source: Magtheridon
  • Destination: Haomarush, Trollbane, Zenedar


  • Source: Aszune, Emerald Dream, Runetotem, Shadowsong, Silvermoon
  • Destination: Magtheridon

So, I guess Magtheridon has too much Horde. WarcraftRealms is showing a shocking 1:67 Alliance:Horde ratio. Yikes!

There are also several non-faction-specific moves available:

  • Burning Legion, Crushridge -> Vek'nilash, Xavius
  • Sylvanas, Twilight's Hammer -> Bladefist, Karazhan
  • Al'Akir, Grim Batol -> Burning Steppes, Haomarush
  • Kazzak, Stormscale -> Dentarg, Lightning's Blade
  • Outland, Ravencrest -> Boulderfist, Trollbane
  • Ragnaros, Stormreaver -> Agamaggan, Daggerspine

  • Argent Dawn -> Darkmoon Faire, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Sha'tar

These transfers opened up yesterday, and are scheduled to be open until Tuesday, January 20th. However, transfers can and will be shut down early if the desired populations are reached, so transfer as soon as possible if you want to. And again, these are for the European realms.

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