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Japanese Monster Hunter G bundle includes special-edition blue Classic Controller, Monster Hunter 3 demo [update]


[Update: for those of you lusting after the game or (more likely) the controller, Capcom's Christian Svensson has announced that there will be no US release for either. "Sorry. :(" Thanks to Samfish for pointing this out!]

For such a lazily-developed game, Capcom is putting significant resources into the Wii port of Monster Hunter G. In order to get around the Classic Controller requirement (and promote sales, of course), they've announced a Monster Hunter G Starter Pack bundle featuring this awesome blue, dragon-adorned (but not Blue Dragon-adorned) Classic Controller. This is, as far as we know, just the second special-edition (Nintendo brand) Wii controller -- the first was also a Classic Controller, specifically the Club Nintendo Super Famicom Classic Controller. This is also the first official Wii controller to be released in a color other than white. In other words: a big deal. And it's so cool-looking!

The Starter Pack will retail for 5,240 yen ($59) when it is released in Japan on April 23. Both this release and the game-only release of Monster Hunter G (3,990 yen, or $45) will include a demo of Monster Hunter 3. And just like that, Monster Hunter G has become a guaranteed bestseller.

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