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KO Digital's RM2300: the disappearing screen PMP that reflects you, your alcoholism

Tim Stevens

It was a neat trick when LG's Shine hid a screen behind a mirror, but the sadly non-disappearing keypad left little doubt about what the thing's intended purpose was. KO Digital Technology's RM2300, however, goes for a rather more subtle approach. When off it looks like a slab of polished titanium, but flick it on and a screen appears from below the surface (also appearing in more photos after the break). Get past the mysterious looks, though, and what you have is a standard PMP that can do standard PMP things: play videos and tunes in numerous formats, support TV-out, and handle photo and e-book browsing. No mention of price, capacity, or availability, but by now you should know how these things go -- don't expect to be gazing at yourself in one of these any time soon.

Update: Gallery added so you all can lust a little more.

[Via PMP Today]

Gallery: KO Digital RM2300 | 6 Photos

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