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Rumor: Rockstar North prepping new GTA for holiday 2009

Jason Dobson

A sequel to a successful franchise, surely you jest!? Still, as much as another game being made in the Grand Theft Auto series is a no-brainer, if gossip found in the latest issue of Game Informer is to be believed, the inevitable follow up could be coming sooner than expected. The rumor mongers at GI write that Rockstar North is "already working" on the next GTA, with the game expected to light up cash registers during holiday 2009.

The magazine describes the as-yet-unannounced title as a "full retail game," rather than simply new DLC or a compilation of previously released downloadables. Still, juicy as this is, we can't help but find this rumor somewhat difficult to swallow given that nothing about the project has been so much as whispered before now. However, if true, it seems likely that the game would follow previous releases and adopt a subtitle similar to GTA: San Andreas or Vice City. How about Sesame Street? What's the hooker situation like over there?

Update: Rockstar denial.

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