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Sirona dental digitizer makes cavities look better than ever


We may not all be getting dental examinations at home just yet, but we can at least be thankful that companies like Sirona are doing their best to speed up our visits to the dentist and, frankly, make them a little more awesome. Their latest device is the CEREC AC, which makes use of the so-called Bluecam pictured above to capture images of "near inaccessible areas with the utmost precision." That's apparently made possible in part thanks to its use of a blue LED that illuminates the area, and some built-in shake detection and automatic image capturing software that ensures that just the right images are captured. The main CEREC AC unit comes into the picture to work some CAD/CAM magic on those images and, as you can see after the break, it seems more than ready to handle a few late night games of Marble Madness should the urge arise.

[Via Medgadget]

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