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Survey suggests AT&T still hard at work on femtocell offering

Chris Ziegler

There are apparently sorta maybe femtocell trials already underway on AT&T -- somewhere, with somebody -- but we certainly don't have one on our hearth, and we suspect you don't either. Sprint got way out ahead of the pack on the outsource-our-infrastructure-costs-to-the-consumer trend by popping out the Airave a while back, but other carriers have failed to respond in a timely fashion, despite the pressing need to get more bars into the deepest, darkest corners of our homes and offices. For what it's worth, though, AT&T seems to still have femtocells somewhere on the front burner with surveys going out to subscribers asking whether they'd be interested in a "small, security-enabled cellular base station" they can call their own. If it were up to us, they'd get a few thousand "very interested" responses, but hey, we didn't receive the survey, now did we?

[Thanks, Andrew J.]

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