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The game journalist war erupts in PlanetSide


Fond readers will remember the last time game journalists invaded PlanetSide. They were overpowered, weapon toting, vehicle stealing, base overriding Black Ops members, and they just so happened to be the staff. Of course we ended up getting slaughtered, as we represented a mysterious fourth faction and ended up having the entire community gang up on us -- which was insanely fun.

But now a new breed of journalist will be entering the fray. Not one, but three other staffs will be jumping down this time around, and each group will be taking a different side of combat. The Escapist, BoingBoing Offworld, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun will be joining the game as part of the three different factions, each group looking to take some of their readership along for the ride. The Escapist has already opened their key giveaway, where they will be giving 70 PlanetSide keys to readers. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has stated that they will put up their own information soon, and Offworld looks to be getting ready as well.

Playing in this event will net all players on all sides their own PlanetSide WAR badge. The winning side will have their badge turn to gold. Winning, as defined by The Escapist, will be the side that has the most kills, hacks, revives, and repairs in the time span of the war. The Escapist will be representing the Terran Republic, and the armies of RPS and Offworld have yet to be announced. (This writer's guess: RPS is the New Conglomerate and Offworld is the Vanu Soverignity.) We'll have more information on this event as it's announced!

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