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Travis Barker track pack live in World Tour


Some new tracks are available to download for all of you Guitar Heroes out there. The new trio of tracks focus on famous drummer Travis Barker of blink-182 fame.

Along with a hit blink-182 single, we've also got a single from his other band, as well as a remix of another track. Each song will cost you 200 Wii Points and is available to download through Guitar Hero World Tour right now.

  • "What's My Age Again" by blink-182 - 200 Points
  • "Lycanthrope" by +44 - 200 Points
  • "Low (Travis Barker Remix)" by Flo Rida [Feat.T-Pain] - 200 Points
Head past the break for a video of each song.


"What's My Age Again" by blink-182

"Lycanthrope" by +44 (Game track not Live)

"Low (Travis Barker Remix)" by Flo Rida [Feat. T-Pain]

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