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WAR to invade Russia

William Dobson

Okay, that's a pretty sensational headline, so we're not going to waste any time at all here. WARHAMMER ONLINE. Yep, a computer game. Not the bad kind of war. The people of Russia will get to enjoy a new game -- we're not in the business of reporting on emerging world conflicts. A fully localized version of WAR will be released in Russia on the 5th of February in three versions: a barebones jewel case package that includes the game and a key for an account with 14 days play-time; a limited edition pack with metal casing, a Russian user manual and 30 days play-time; and a collector's edition that has the perks we've seen in other regions, and is limited to 5100 copies.

Brand new servers will be opened up for the incoming Russian players. Better yet, they will be locally based, and so will the region's customer support. Apart from that, there's not really much more to say here -- in fact, we're going to call it right now before the temptation to use the "In Soviet Russia..." line takes over. Welcome to the WAR, comrades.

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