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You may be too short-sighted to enjoy HDTV, study finds

Darren Murph

If Vision Express was looking for some attention, it just got it. A recent study by the optician chain found that 60 percent of Britons had avoided an eye test over the past year, with that number rising to 79 percent in Scotland. Phillip Hyde, dispensing optician and head of professional services at the firm, was quoted as saying that "even a marginally short-sighted person sitting on a sofa watching an HD broadcast may not see the full benefits in enhanced image quality." As if that wasn't comical enough, he continued by saying: "If you're investing in HDTV, you ought to have your eyes checked to make sure you get the full benefit." You heard it here first, folks -- factor in the cost of an eye exam before buying your next HDTV, or you'll regret it. Forever.

[Image courtesy of Lenslinger]

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